Lifeguard and CPR, First Aid and AED

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Lifeguard and CPR, First Aid and AED Training in Colorado

Swim Harmony’s first aid, CPR and AED training was designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community, ensuring that the average citizen has the skills to do respond effectively in emergencies. Our first aid, CPR and AED training sessions prepare everyone from school-going teenagers to healthcare professionals who’re looking to sign up for the Red Cross and other similar organizations. The goal is to prepare citizens for a range of common emergencies so they can do their part to the best of their abilities and potentially save someone’s life.

First Aid Training

Our first aid training sessions cover a range of basic procedures. The course is delivered in a typical classroom setting by a trained and experienced professional.

The training consists of in-person sessions that put students on the sport and give them hands-on experience of how to respond in various emergencies.

CPR Training

CPR training involves recognizing when there is a need of CPR. Participants of the training session are then taught to carry out the procedure correctly using simulations. They will learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults. Once the class is completed and the trainer running the sessions feels that participants have done well, they are given a CPR certification. The CPR certification is valid for 2 years.

AED Training

AED training involves learning the skills needed to save a life. Cardiac arrests (better known as hear attacks) are one of the leading causes of deaths in the USA. Every minute long delay in defibrillation reduces chance of survival by 10%. AED training teaches participants how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED) properly and possibly save a life.

If you’re in Colorado and want to be a responsible citizen that is prepared for emergencies, sign up for Swim Harmony’s lifesaving courses today.