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Infant Swimming Lessons in Salida, CO

Infants are curious by nature; when they see a large pool of water in front of them, they will go towards it. As a parent it is your responsibility to arm your infant with the necessary skills that protect them in case they fall into a pool, tub full of water, etc. If your infant knows how to swim, you can prevent pool accidents and drowning incidents.

Swim Harmony’s Infant Swimming Lessons in Salida, CO are designed to train infants between the ages of 6 months to 2 years old. Our infant swimming lessons are one-on-one sessions where certified trainers work with your infant so they become comfortable in the water, learn breathing techniques and ways to maneuver in the water using their bodies. Bear in mind that it is at this age where swimming comes naturally to your child, they just need to be taught using the right techniques.

Our trainers use a progressive, child-centered approach to teaching encompassing crucial swimming and safety skills in small progressions. The approach prioritizes the infant’s comfort; they aren’t taken to the next stage until the instructor is convinced the child masters the phase they are currently in.

The aim of a child-centered approach is to create positive experiences for the infant in the water so they remain calm, relax their muscles and breathe properly when in water. After the lessons are complete, your infant won’t be afraid of water, they’ll know exactly what to do in case they roll over into the pool.

The purpose of the program is to teach infants important swimming and safety skills while eradicating fear and discomfort. The more comfortable your infant is in the water, the better swimmers they will be.

The trainers of our infant swimming program are the best in their field. They are certified lifeguards and water safety instructors who are trained to teach and keep infants safe when in the water.

We know that you’re child’s safety is your greatest concern so call us for more information on our infant swimming lessons; our team will be happy to address all your concerns!