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Join Swim Harmony’s Summer Swimming Camp in Salido, CO

Swim Harmony’s Summer Swimming Camp is catered to young boys and girls between the ages of 7-13. The purpose of the swimming camp is to teach every participant essential skills so they can confidently breathe, float, and move in the water without any trouble.

Our campers are introduced to and taught techniques to master the 4 basic swim strokes after gaining an understanding of floating and breathing when in the water. The camp is designed for beginners and swimmers who wish to improve their swimming skills under the guidance of certified trainers.

Every camper is tested in the first week of camp to determine their swimming abilities and level of skills. They are then put into groups of 6-7 students according to their abilities. The groups then work with Swim Harmony’s certified trainers to enhance their swimming capabilities.

Our trainers have experience working with both non-swimmers and swimmers of different levels. By working in small groups, they are able to provide individual attention to campers that need extra training. Every swimmer learns at their own pace; our summer program dedicates plenty of time to beginners to not only learn, but also master basic swimming strokes.

It’s not all work though, our summer swimming camp program is designed to be both fun and educational at the same time. We introduce new challenges to our campers every week and engage them with exciting games and ‘low-key’ competitions to show our participants how far they’ve come in their time with us.

At the end of our summer swimming camp, each camper receives a certificate to celebrate their accomplishment.

We believe that swimming is a crucial life skill that everyone should have. We’re passionate about what we do and revel in the fact that so many of our own trainees go on to become certified professionals and pursue careers as lifeguards and join emergency rescue teams.

If you’re looking for safe and effective swimming lessons in Colorado, sign-up for our summer swimming camp in Salida today. Feel free to call us at (303) 241-9240 or email us at for more information.