The Many Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

//The Many Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

The Many Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

The shimmering sunlight reflecting off the pool’s surface, the outside noise muted underwater, and the soft feel of the water engulfing you—there’s something quite ethereal about swimming. It’s no wonder that a quick swim in the pool can instantly refresh you and put your mind at ease.

Swimming has been found to be exceptionally beneficial for not just your physical health but for your mental health as well. In times where peace of mind is hard to find, swimming offers a quick and effective offer of tranquility. Whether you’re a regular swimmer or you’ve just recently taken up swim lessons, you’ll know how mentally therapeutic swimming can be.

According to a UK YouGov poll, over 1.4 million people have reported swimming to be a mentally beneficial activity. Read on to find out what swimming can help you with.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Modern life is characterized by unending stress and unmanageable anxiety. Stress has become a major part of our lives and we just can’t shake it off. Fortunately, swimming is an all-round beneficial activity that not only eases physical stress; it can relax and calm the mind as well.

Since swimming is a physical activity, it releases endorphins which are the body’s “feel-good” hormones. The rhythmic strokes of swimming and being immersed underwater can also have a very relaxing, meditative effect on our mind.

Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind

A study has shown that swimming underwater can increase blood flow to the brain. This ensures that the brain gets an increased supply of oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients to positively impact brain health.

A study conducted by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research showed that children who get swim lessons earlier on in life reach cognitive developmental milestones—such as visual-motor skills, literacy, oral expression, and numeracy—earlier on than non-swimming peers.

Lower Depression

Much like stress and anxiety, depression runs rampant in our society. It’s estimated that more than 16.2 million US adults suffer from a depressive disorder. Physical activities like swimming can help improve our overall happiness. It can improve feelings of self-worth by 30% as well as bring general life satisfaction.

An Opportunity for Socializing

While swimming itself is a solitary activity, it can be done with a group of people. Swimming can be a great opportunity for social interaction. Like-minded individuals can come together and share a favorite of hobby. The act of bonding over a shared activity can automatically bring feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

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